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123] 23/08/2022

The survivor of the immortal world Tiền Tệ Không Giới Hạn

● Extreme experience

-Release your hands, you only need to slide the screen with one hand to control the direction of the character\’s movement, experience the ultimate human-machine confrontation

-a variety of skill matching, the ROUGELIKE element guarantees every every The secondary level experience is not the same

tên The survivor of the immortal world
Nest King Star Studio ]
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Google Play
мод меню: The survivor of the immortal world Trình bày Trò chơi: 仙界幸存者 Google Play \\\”The Survivor of the Immortal\\\” is a Roguelike survival game of the fairy -owned theme. The game takes the drama as a blueprint. The player accidentally crossed the Fantasy Realm and became the only survivor after the Immortal Demon War. With the help of the sword god, he retrieved the memory of the past life and found the lost magic weapon to defeat the blood demon ancestor.

● Fun gameplay

-The content of various types of gameplay such as plot mode, ancient wolf spirit, great god escortingSystem, such as a murderous lord monster, the head iron mechanism that could not be upgraded in the early stage, the monster\’s crazy movement mechanism, etc., which greatly enhanced the fun of game content and gameplay, and many hidden eggs waiting to be unlocked

● Skills development

-100%critical Ling Xiaojian, so that the day and moon gold wheel that allows time and space to still be static, hurting the enemy thousands of miles away from thousands of miles to develop

-God soldiersIn addition to the basic attack method, it is also equipped with three powerful moves, which greatly meets the personalized needs of different players for the game experience

● Rouguelike core Build
-Diverse magic weapon and exercises in the game matches each other, Special magic weapons and exercises can also trigger the fetters to open the treasure chest synthesis of super magic weapon, and cooperate with various events such as ascension, fairy margin, monster treasure chests in the cp trò ch ti:


123] The survivor of the Immortal Realm (58.7MB)

仙界幸存者(Tiền tệ không giới hạn) screenshot image 1


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