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Dog Sheng Simulator Trình Bày Trò chơi:

[Simulation dogs] You can experience what your dog can do. You need to improve your ability to guide the better the opposite sex; you need to have more dogs with various dogs to give birth to a strong offspring of genes. You need to cope with all kinds of random events that occur in dog society and human society, your gender and attributesThe talent is good at random, and only what you do and choose to change them can change them. There are many dogs in the game, you can experience what kind of dogs.

[Ultra -high degree of freedom, very rich gameplay]

Gene breeding: At the beginning, you are a soil dog, you envy those pet dogs born in the royal family. In order to experience their lives, you need to study a strong gene breeding system, and think about how to produce super powerful Corgi from the Dogs?

Yuxi Studio
6.0 ngày xuất bản
Google Play
мод меню: [ 123] Dog Sheng Simulator KHông Có Quảng Cáo Và Có Thưởng This is an ultra -high degree of freedom [simulation]+[text] In the type of game, you will [simulate the life of the dog], everything here happens random. You will be randomly born in a family in a certain city, and you will grow up slowly from the age of 0 to experience a dog\’s life. 狗生模拟器 Google Play The production team of \\\”Life Simulator: Chinese Life\\\” is created. Reasons for playing this game:

Talent: The talents of different dogs are different, and the descendants\’ tendencies are different.

Various small games: You can also fish, turn around the trash cans and turn out of your baby, and accidentally caught in the slaughterhouse. You need to find a way to escape.

Wandering: In case of unfortunately discarded or lost by the owner, you will become a stray dog \\u200b\\u200band experience the sense of survival crisis of stray.

In short, there are many ways to achieve your goals. You can play as you want.

[Observing human society] Although you are simulating a dog, you can observe the humans related to your own human beings and changes in destiny. You can spy on human seven emotions and six desires, and will affect your life.

[Simulation Life] Although it is a dog, many things that human society dare to think about but dare to do it here can be experienced here. Here, you can be released by pressure.

[Smart Little Man] The characters and animals in the game, such as your master, master wife, child, etc., your spouse, other pets (crocodile, cat) raised by the owner are all living characters and will take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative Interacting with you, it has an impact on the results. In short, this game is an out -of -the -box killer, which is a good choice for you to spend time away.
Dog Sheng Simulator ảnh Chụp Trò chơi:

Dog Sheng Simulator (55.8MB)


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