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Super Manufacturing Factory NH n Thưởng Mà Không Cần XEM Quảng Cáo, RấT NHIềU TIền

Tên Super Manufacturing Factory
Mô phỏng
123] GHI Bàn
Google Play 超级制造工厂 Google Play

Super Manufacturing Factory Trình Bày Trò chơi:

Super Factory is a game, you can build and manage it The most interesting factory.

At the beginning, you will make a robotic arm, establish a food production line, and transport the product to customers to advertise and research for better taste and efficiency.


-The perfect simulation factory production line, even details such as falling, crushing, cutting.

-Colon more than 10 departments including power, financial resources, transportation power, and new technology research.
-Doed as a boss, you need to recruit employees, recruit elites, cultivate growth, and protect benefits! -The free and strategic game of each player.
-The continuous selection of employees and incremental workshops and profitswar.
-Prot dozens of types of strategies to control.
-Every factory has different types of production lines and machines.
-New food and game to be unlocked.
-Manage a miniature world.
Super Manufacturing Factory ảnnnnnnnp trò chơi:

超级制造工厂(rất nhiều tiền) screenshot image 1

超级制造工厂(rất nhiều tiền) screenshot image 2 Super Manufacturing Factory(241.8MB)

超级制造工厂(rất nhiều tiền) screenshot image 3


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